Going on holiday? How SASH can give you control over indoor plants while away

The end-of-year silly season is here, with many people wanting to go away after a tough year. But what about your precious plants at home? Leaving your grow for an extended time can cause you stress and result in you not enjoying your well-deserved break. Fear not – with SASH you’ll still have eyes and ears on them, 24/7!
Below are some ways in which the features of a SASH controller that helped you during the year can also give you complete peace of mind while away.

Profiling for possible changing conditions

Each SASH controller runs a profile which consists of a set of rules to follow, which will switch your plugs on/off and take pictures automatically. With this profile, you can configure innovative rules for possible changing conditions, so that your tent can react and help preserve your plant’s happy place.
For example, the controller can switch on an optional second fan if the temperature is too high or reduce a fan if the temperature drops too low.

Alerts for immediate action

In the case of extreme condition changes, where none of your equipment can react enough, alerts can be set up to notify you immediately on our mobile app. For example, if the temperature rises above 30ºC or if your heater has been on continuously for more than 15 minutes and it’s not keeping up. Knowing that these extreme conditions are taking place gives you the opportunity to quickly phone a friend to help or to change to a different profile yourself.

Remote monitoring from your mobile dashboard

Waking up each morning of your holiday and being able to see past and present conditions from your journal will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your day to the fullest. You can access your grow journal wherever you are from your mobile app .
During the holidays, you also have a bit more time on your hands to share tips and ideas with friends, old and new. Having the ability to share your current grow details through the mobile dashboard (images, graphs, notes, etc) can spark that conversation that makes lasting relationships – what holidays are all about!

Changing behaviour in reaction to changing conditions

How many times are you on holiday when a brilliant idea pops into your head – but you can’t execute it because you’re away? With a SASH controller’s internet connectivity, you can make changes to your profile from wherever you are when that epiphany strikes. Any change in behaviour will automatically update on your controller.

Changing behaviour on a schedule

With your controller, you can also plan ahead for profile changes to happen while you’re away – e.g. if your plant is entering a new phase and you need to change your lighting schedule. The SASH Controller will then automatically move over to this new profile and change its behaviour while you are away and enjoying yourself – alerting you when it happens so you relax with complete certainty that things are taken care of.

Ready to take a break with complete peace of mind? Shop SASH products now or watch this video on how SASH controllers works. Each controller comes with a Bosch temperature and humidity sensor – taking accurate readings for climate control – and an auto-focusing camera that can be scheduled to take high-quality images of your plants.

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